Christopher Columbus: Hero or Zero?

Maybe just two weeks ago, if someone were to ask me who Christopher Columbus was, I would have told them “Oh he’s just a renaissance explorer who discovered the America’s by accident.” Little did I know the actual damage that he had started! Previous to this lesson, I had never heard anything bad about Columbus. I thought he was a hero like most people do, but usually people whose name can be associated with genocide don’t get a day named after them. Yes, of course we can be thankful for the bravery he had and the knowledge he used to get us to were we are now. However, I think he was over celebrated, which was probably the reason his mistakes were repeated over and over in history. People were blinded by his greatness which caused so much more suffering than there could have been in order for there to be ‘progress’. I know it’s too late to change everyone’s calendars, but I find it silly how we praise Columbus and not all the victims who passed away back then. I think everyone should get to know Christopher Columbus a little better.

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