There are no stupid questions- but are there ones we cannot answer?

When given the opportunity to brainstorm provocative questions, I had many diverse inquiries come to mind. Here are some of my most thought provoking:

  1. Why are struggles viewed as negative when they shape who you are?
  2. Why is it believed that your birth date affects your personality? (astrology)
  3. What is holding back scientists from curing cancer?
  4. If everyone sees colours differently, what are the chances we all have the same favourite colour but call it by different names?
  5. Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?

The questions on the list that I am inspired to pursue are numbers two and three. I have a feeling that with enough research I will be able to find an answer. There has to be reasons why astrology is a thing and as to why cancer remains an unsolved mystery. I know that people whose occupations revolve around these questions will be able to provide a resonable answer.

The rest of these questions I find very intimidating because everyone would answer them differently. I cannot truly enlist anyone to answer them due to conflicting opinions, however another response may open my eyes and alter my perception.

When it comes to these five questions, there isn’t a complete answer. You will only know you have found a solution when you feel that you are satisfied with the result. Success is isn’t nessisarily a destination in this case, just a feeling you may or may not have after disscussing or researching these inquiries.

I believe that my choosing of these questions shows that I have a very cuirious mind. My thoughts aren’t exactly connected, and I wonder about so many things that I can’t nessisarily answer. I love questions that make me think constantly and hearing other people’s opinions even if I don’t agree.


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