Technology In Continental Europe 1400-1600

Ah, Europe from 1400-1600. Right in the heart of the Renaissance. Where the art was blooming, science was rocketing, and the technology was advancing faster than the blink of an eye. Some even call this time period the bridge between the middle ages and modern history! So why not take a little trip across that metaphorical bridge and look at the technology continental Europe brought to the table.

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There’s a lot to cover in terms of inventors and inventions, but here’s a little taste of the more famous European inventors from this time period:

Galileo Galilei was a very famous Italian scientist, mathematician, astronomer, engineer, and philosopher. He discovered a lot in his lifetime that left an enormous impact on our world. The pendulum clock, telescope, and thermometer are just a few things we can thank Galileo for.

A huge step I terms of technological advancement in this time period was the printing press. Johannes Guttenberg was a German Goldsmith who produced the printing press around 1440. The press was used to create the first printed bibles- a major victory in the middle ages!

While most of us know Leonardo Da Vinci as the famous painter and sculptor, but he also had a hand in inventing the Submarine! He developed the idea of the submarine (along with many other things) on paper and Cornelious Van Drebbel brought the idea to life. The first Sub was made of wood and waterproof leather!

Robert Boyle was an Irish philosopher, chemist, physicist and inventor. He was the first person on earth to produce fire through the chemical action of two substances. Creating the pathway to what we now call matches and match boxes.

Those were just some of the main inventions that this time period had to offer. However there are far more ideas that were developed in Continental Europe. Ideas of astrology, navigation and the outside world were far in the works. Smaller inventions and ideals led to bigger ones. Continental Europe blossomed from 1400-1600 and I find it incredible how many things we have now that was inspired by those who lived so long ago.

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