Oh My Goodness Gracianious!

photo from: http://joeygraceffa.com/advertise

photo from: http://joeygraceffa.com/advertise

My eminent person is none other than Joey Graceffa. Joey may only be 24 years old, but he’s already made his mark as an American actor, writer, producer, and most commonly known as a YouTube personality. He’s also one of my biggest inspirations in life.

He’s struggled his with a learning disability, his mothers alcoholism, bullying, OID (overactive imagination disorder), his brothers autism, and far more. 16 year old Joey went to YouTube for a creative outlet- but his passion, humor and openness about his struggles has gotten him almost 7 million subscribers and a net worth of 1 million dollars. He’s written, acted in and produced his own web series (“Storytellers“), written a book about his life (called “In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World“) and managed to make millions of fans laugh through their tears, even when they didn’t think it was possible. I know from personal experience.

Having Joey Graceffa as my eminent person may be a struggle, as he’s a 24 year old male from Massachusetts and I’m- not. Although we are extremely different now, I can relate to his school, family and mental health struggles. He’s so relatable that even if you aren’t going through the same struggles as him, it feels like he understands. Joey and I have the same weird sense of humor, play the same video games and watch the same shows. We both also share the same interests in acting, writing, and YouTube.

“You have the power and control to be whatever you want to be, no matter where you start in life.”

-Joey Graceffa

I think studying such an incredibly strong and accomplished person will inspire me so much. Joey Graceffa helped me through my darkest times, and learning how I could do the same for someone in the future is amazing. During this project I really want to learn about perusing YouTube as a career is all about and if it’s right for me. I really want to show my public speaking skills and passion for my eminent person through my speech as well.

All in all, I’m really looking forward to learning and sharing more about Joey Graceffa.

“May the odds be ever in your favor!”

-Joey Graceffa



A Day Downtown ft. Books and Friends

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My main goal for this trip was to come out of my shell a little more in terms of making friends with my fellow grade nines. I find myself to take extremely long to get comfortable talking to new people, but I made major progress on this trip. Shoutout to everyone for being amazing and inclusive despite my awkwardness!

I also had never been to the Vancouver Public Library or MacLoed’s Bookstore before. It so was crazy going from such an open, organized and beautiful library to such a chaotic little book store. But I still don’t think I could pickbp7 a favourite! At both places I was so overwhelmed by all the books- I didn’t know what I was looking for or where to start but I had so much fun getting lost in in such incredible places!  This whole trip was so photo-worthy. The rustic architecture of the library against the bright sky and toasted trees was breathtaking. I noticed this mainly on my solo-walk.

On my solo walk, I was so entertained by the people walking on the street and inspired by my surroundings. I wrote a little bit of poetry, here’s a little taste:

The echo of her high heels

like a Gypsy Vanner horse

clicking down the concrete

with purpose.

With power.

“Where did she acquire such confidence?”

I wonder as she walks

maybe she started here;

asking the same question

about the lady in the high heels.

In the end, I loved this trip. I got another book about theories behind the universe (of course), hung out with some pretty rad people, got to explore some fantastic places and got to take a much needed day to reflect and have some fun. All in all- amazing.

Consider the following…

When comparing the times of the English Civil War and life today, I was intrigued by the differences in terms of lifestyle (mainly women’s role, religion and death). Lifestyle back then went hand-in-hand with religion, and so many decisions and ideas were in the name of religion. So why are those ideals different now? Has religion changed or were they using religion wrong to control people? Some of my inquires and conclusions include:

-What role did women play in the English Civil War?

It’s pretty evident that women didn’t play a large part in history. Blame it on religion or “they believed women weren’t as strong” I still had some hope that women played some sort of “big part” in the English Civil War. When researching this question, I found that the women of this time were only known for defending their husbands land and running their farms and businesses while their husbands fought. I guess no surprise there.

I just find it funny how the small things that women do are often emphasized in history books. Is this simply to make girl feel better about themselves today? I guess if women’s lack of involvement bothers you, just remember “What did the English Civil War accomplish?” Is constantly questioned. Maybe its alright if we didn’t play too big of a role!

-Was religion used to control people on a personal level? A level that  monarch could not reach

My thinking behind this question is that people believed that God made the decisions and even chose kings-but did they have evidence? Were the people so scared of being excommunicated from the church and “going against God”, they couldn’t argue it? I feel as if monarchs almost played up, or altered religion to control their people.

-How did killing/executing people go from being a normal punishment to something looked down on?

I find it quite interesting how killing people, even for outrageous reasons like witchcraft, went from being normal to being something looked down on. My opinion on Execution is quite twisted. I could defend both sides.
If a man were to murder three children, keeping him alive in jail with food and shelter almost feels wrong to me. Even if he’s in jail for life. Yeah he’s wasting his life away- but at least he still has one. Those three children don’t, it’s almost like rubbing it in their faces. I believe those children would want that man dead, not somewhere he is protected and could potentially escape (it’s happened!). My Mom is a police officer, and she once told me that some homeless people would commit crimes because rotting in jail is better than rotting on the streets. Maybe if they could loose their lives, they’d think twice.

Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting we start killing people for their crimes again! I completely understand why execution is unnecessary, and I’m certainly not angry that it’s not accepted here! I just thought I would throw in a different way to think about it.

These topics relate to the following sections of the curriculum:

  • BIG IDEA: Collective identity is constructed and can change over time.
  • discriminatory policies, attitudes and historical wrongs
  • local, regional and global conflicts

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