A Day Downtown ft. Books and Friends

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My main goal for this trip was to come out of my shell a little more in terms of making friends with my fellow grade nines. I find myself to take extremely long to get comfortable talking to new people, but I made major progress on this trip. Shoutout to everyone for being amazing and inclusive despite my awkwardness!

I also had never been to the Vancouver Public Library or MacLoed’s Bookstore before. It so was crazy going from such an open, organized and beautiful library to such a chaotic little book store. But I still don’t think I could pickbp7 a favourite! At both places I was so overwhelmed by all the books- I didn’t know what I was looking for or where to start but I had so much fun getting lost in in such incredible places!  This whole trip was so photo-worthy. The rustic architecture of the library against the bright sky and toasted trees was breathtaking. I noticed this mainly on my solo-walk.

On my solo walk, I was so entertained by the people walking on the street and inspired by my surroundings. I wrote a little bit of poetry, here’s a little taste:

The echo of her high heels

like a Gypsy Vanner horse

clicking down the concrete

with purpose.

With power.

“Where did she acquire such confidence?”

I wonder as she walks

maybe she started here;

asking the same question

about the lady in the high heels.

In the end, I loved this trip. I got another book about theories behind the universe (of course), hung out with some pretty rad people, got to explore some fantastic places and got to take a much needed day to reflect and have some fun. All in all- amazing.

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