HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. yeah. it didn’t work out.

Since I pride myself in being a Joey Graceffa fangirl, and Joey shares footage of his life on the daily, I wasn’t really looking for information on him during my interview. My plan was to get information on what being a YouTuber is like. All the things behind the camera, that Joey Graceffa never really talks about. How much does he make? What’s the job like? I wanted to ask YouTubers about what their life is like.

My plan was to email some of my favourite “small”  YouTubers. YouTubers that aren’t well known and don’t have 7 million fans like Joey! This was because I wanted to better my chances of getting a reply! But after nothing but silence and failed emails, I took to Twitter. Most small YouTubers spend a lot of time on Twitter and don’t have too many followers. Again, better chances to get a reply! Right?

Wrong. I tweeted several YouTubers and only got two replies. Yes, this sounds fantastic! But they aren’t exactly what you would expect.

After tweeting one of my favourite YouTubers, Paul Zimmer, approximately 429 time (rough estimate) I became frustrated and was coming to give up. As if he was taunting my by tweeting something other than a reply to me, “you’ll never love yourself half as much as I love you” popped up on my screen. Being the slightly salty person I was at the moment, I tweeted him a reply saying “you don’t love me.” Yes, I said it, and out of every tweet of mine that he could have saw, HE SAW THAT ONE. Not only did he see it, he replied with “I love you”


Yes, Paul Zimmer said he loved me and that tweet now has over 1000 RT’s and Favourites! *dies happily* But you know.. apparently he didn’t love me enough to be apart of my interview.

The second reply I got made me super hopeful. I got a very new YouTuber named Jaime Rose to notice me AND follow me so I could direct message her.


I sent her a message explaining what I was planning on doing and she said she’d love to help! I was beyond happy… until “I’d love to help!” was her last message and I haven’t heard back from her since (October 20). I messaged her so many times, but I guess she’d love to help… someone else.


I  emailed, then tweeted and then emailed again, but here I am. Without a complete Interview. If some magical, greater power were to bless me with a reply, some of the questions I was hoping to ask about YouTube were:

  1. Why did you choose YouTube to be your career?
  2. How long did it take you to turn YouTube into your job?
  3. How did you get involved or discover the YouTube Partnership?
  4. Do you only make money off of adds? If so how much do they make?
  5. What’s the hardest part of being a YouTuber?
  6. What questions do you most frequently get asked about your job?
  7. What advice would you give someone looking to be a YouTuber?

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