Joey Graceffa- Bibliography

Being a huge Joey Graceffa fan prior to this project, I didn’t do too much typical online research. I did however stalk his social medias, re-watch some of his most important videos and read his book!

Joey Graceffa’s social media and website links:

His first YouTube Channel:

Current Channel:

Gaming Channel:





Some of Joey Graceffa’s most moving and amazing videos:

Click Here for Joey Graceffa’s “Draw My Life” where he went through a short summary of his life

Click Here for Joey Graceffa’s “YES I’M GAY” where he discusses just that!

Click Here for Joey Graceffa’s “DON’T WAIT- OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO” a music video for a very meaningful video and original song!

Click Here for Joey Graceffa’s “HEARTBREAK” a vlog of his day, where he talks about an event that’s just occurred to him, most couldn’t imagine.

Click Here for the first episode of Joey Graceffa’s webseries “StoryTellers” I RECCOMEND ALL TO WATCH!


Joey Graceffa’s Book!

Buy it here:

Look into it here:






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