Well… that was fun? I think? -Eminent 2015 Review-

After being so stressed and completely absorbed in my own eminent person and project, I was super excited to see what everyone else was doing. I enjoyed the learning centers SO much!  It’s crazy having a young YouTuber, next to a controversial musician next to a civil war doctor. Yet all of these people are eminent and have made a difference- it still blows my mind! The whole learning center idea was a blank canvas and it was amazing to see how each individual person decided to paint it!

My learning center was for sure the main focus of my NOTN. I wanted to make a unique representation of Joey Graceffa’s eminence, and a interactive piece to almost “put the cherry on top” and make people do what Joey does on a smaller scale.


I decided to show Joey’s eminence by creating this poster board, split in half. The left side showing the silhouette of a young boy- a young Joey Graceffa. Around him I put all of the negative things that were holding him back. Hateful words, social media comments, and picture representations of things such as Dyslexia and Alcoholism. I showed all the reasons why he could have given up. But he didn’t, and that’s how he got to the right side of the poster.

The right side is the opposite of the left. Current Joey Graceffa’s silhouette, surrounded by pictures of his accomplishments and paragraphs that fans have left, explaining how much Joey has helped them.

For my interactive component, I wanted people to understand how crazy and brave what Joey Graceffa does is. Joey shares all the details of his struggles with millions of people. To really understand this, I had people share a short piece of their life struggles to those attended NOTN. Even though it was anonymous, and on a far smaller scale, some people still weren’t comfortable or interested in this idea. This really opened their eyes, and my own, of how courageous Joey really is. Those who did share a piece of themselves for the benefit of others, like Joey Graceffa, said they felt almost proud that they got through it, and really understood why Joey does what he does.

All in all, I would say NOTN was a success. Everyone did amazing and everything happened and went well. My learning center was my main concern and went well, so I’m happy to say that I’m proud of myself. Some people that really helped my out and made my NOTN special were Weijin and Anthony. After finding out that my learning center was in the dark, Weijin offered me some of her extra lights. Even though they didn’t end up working, I am so thankful! Anthony also helped me out with this in lending me his phone flashlight to brighten up my center. This was so helpful and I even got a compliment on the lighting I used! Thank you to everyone for an amazing night!


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