Ok so basically… -Document of Learning-

As you may be able to see from this blog posting being posted after NOTN when it was supposed to be prior, it been a busy time! Anyways, for my Document of learning I decided to talk briefly about my goals, share my speech and my learning center secrets!


Some of the goals I had for this project, mentioned in my intro post, were wanting to develop my public speaking skills and show my immense passion for Joey Graceffa through my words. I consider myself, even prior to this project, as a Joey Graceffa fangirl. I’ve watched all his videos so I really wanted to dig into his career and how he’s truly eminent and not just some funny guy on the web. I found a lot of little cool details about his videos, and that really made writing and showing passion through my speech so easy. I tried to choose a prospective that was interesting, but was also passionate about Joey like I was. I really didn’t want to just seem like the fangirl I was. I chose to be Joey Graceffa’s first video camera, and my speech was almost like a letter to his new camera. Here’s my speech introduction for an idea of what I did:

“Sometimes we feel alone. The kind of alone where the shadow of problems and self-doubt that constantly lurk behind us decides to swallow us whole. That kind of alone that resembles the sudden realization that nobody will ever understand you. But, like the tri-pod beneath my small frame, sometimes, something or someone is able to lift us out of that lonely haze. Through my years as his right hand man, I got to see this time and time again. Joey Graceffa has drawn people out t=of the blackness. Nearly seven million to this date, with, my help of course. Not to brag or anything, but I was Joey’s first, now retired, vlogging camera. Probably his favourite camera so you’ve got big shoes to fill, newbie.”

Another goal I had for this project was to learn about YouTube, as it seems like an amazing career. To gather information for this, I attempted to email several smaller YouTubers. After failing emails, no replies and a twitter conversation that was never completed, I had to find this out through research on my own *cries*


speech drafts

All of my speech drafts!

speech pic1

speech pic2

I wrote my speech the first time, edited it- but wasn’t happy with it. Something about it just… sucked. After staring at it for far too long, I decided to re-write it. THREE MORE TIMES. Yes, I kept re-starting it completely, but then came the point where I had to let it be. Time had completely slipped away and I had to stop redoing my poor speech and start practicing. The more I practiced, the more I uncovered all the technical problems within the writing! Unfortunately it was already the day I was planning on presenting my speech and I knew it was too late to save it. Or was it? The unexpected decided to happen. I didn’t have to do my speech that day! With an extra day I was able to perfect my speech. I cut it really close- but I made it!


When it came to my learning center, I really wanted to create a visual that showed how Joey Graceffa was eminent. I wanted it show what makes him unique without having too much information and have an interactive component as well. I chose a quote that Joey often uses as my inspiration for my center.

Your current situation is not your final destination.

I really wanted to show what Joey Graceffa was going through when he was about my age, and where he is now in all his fame. I had many different ways to display this at first, but I chose to go with simple silhouettes surrounded by things that were going on in their life at that time. Here’s my messy first idea:

LC draft


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