To Whom it May Concern…

Hello, my name is Thomas Paine and I want equality and democracy for everyone. Nice to meet you.


I write this to assure you all that our current situation in France is not one I am unfamiliar with.

In 1774, I emigrated to America from England (shoutout to Benjamin Franklin) and became the co-editor of the Pennsylvania Magazine. This is when I became well-acquainted with the smell of tension and rebellion. For a man like me, such a smell can not just sit in the air. Action must be taken. In 1776, I did just that. I published a pamphlet called “Common Sense” on my ideas about American independence which spread like wildfire. This eventually led to the Declaration of Independence, which I had a hand in writing. I knew for America, sooner or later independence from England would come.

I know for France, sooner or later independence from their selfish Monarchs will come.

I recently returned to Europe to raise money for the development of a bridge I designed (my smokeless candles didn’t work out), but the smell of rebellion can not go unnoticed. I can feel another revolution growing in my gut and like the first time, I can’t stay out of it. Especially with people like Edmund Burke and their idiotic opinions. After reading “Reflections on the Revolutions in France” I feel sick to my stomach. His views on revolution are foolish and I can’t stand seeing foolish ideas being passed around. France needs change. I jump-started one revolution, I have no doubts I can put another into action.

I am Thomas Paine. I am a very democratic man who believes every man is equal and should have rights to make decisions for himself. I believe that change in France is necessary and government should reflect social equality, not greed. That is what I want.

Those ignorant fools such as Burke stand in my way, but I got the attention of the masses through my writing once, I can do it again. Soon everyone will know the rights of a man.




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