Dear Diary,

Hello, it’s me again. Thomas Paine. The year is 1791, summer

It’s been a while since I’ve written in this book. Last time we met, I believe I was ripping out several of your pages to write my most recent work- which I am proud to say is complete! It was published March 13th, and it’s called Rights of a Man.

I originally wrote it as a reply to Edmund Burke’s attack, “Reflections on the Revolution in France” but it escalated to more than that. Its purpose served to also tell the revolutionaries that the interests of the French people and the Monarch are united. Also to tell the Royalists that the revolution is an attack on the despotic principals, not the King himself. The Basitille is a representation of the despotism being overthrown.

Rights of a Man isn’t all that I have been up to. Recently our King has decided to flee. What a wonderful thing! It’s almost as if he placed the power right into me and my fellow republican’s grubby hands!

Because of this great affair, I assembled La Société des Republicains! With the help of those with similar beliefs we were able to publish a document of how the King’s flee was a symbol of a Republic. He was handing us the thrown!

We’ll see where this goes. Some say they’re going to bring the King back. How foolish! The man gave us his position and left, we should let him be! Wait… what’s this noise I hear outside? Oh my. He’s back-

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