Thomas Paine- Final Address

Well… that was fun!

These last five years have been quite the adventure for me. And to think I only returned to England and France to raise funds for an iron bridge! My first revolution in America might have been more successful in some minds, but this one was certainly major progress for us French… yes, that’s right! I’m a French citizen now! I even now have a seat in the French Convention! Not bad for an Englishman!

That’s not even allĀ I’ve accomplished or gone through either in this time. I published Rights of a Man, was almost arrested in England because of it, created a society of Republicans, spread word of the king leaving us his thrown, got stuck in jail, weaseled my way out of execution and lived to write about. I honestly don’t regret anything. I am man enough to claim my words and choices. I am responsible for the conflict I may have caused, but they always ended in my favor. I mean, I’m still living am I not? *take that Robespierre* I now focus my time on my newest work on the success of the revolution- The Age of Reason. I guess the Revolution just wasn’t as kind to others as it was to me. Lead, follow, or die trying.

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