The Story of ZIP

For my ZIP project, I did Slam Poetry. I had already done all of the researching on slam poetry during my ZAP project, so I knew I had to find a unique way to challenge myself. So why do a duet poem with someone I don’t know very well? Perfect.

I did my duet poem with Ben, who I had never worked with anything before. Us doing a slam poem together totally started as a joke- but I’m so glad that we actually took it on. There was a lot of work and stress involved with this project, but we laughed our way through it and had so much fun.  I think our differences, all the way down to our voices, made us stronger in the end. We had a lot of challenges, and that just makes me even more proud of our end product.

This was my second slam poem and Ben’s first. I found myself constantly pulling out my inner teacher and showing him all the little things I learnt throughout ZAP. I showed him YouTube video clips and gave countless tips. There isn’t to much of a technical art to slam poetry, but there are some things that are good to know, depending on what you want to get across. Its ALL about what the audience gets from it. There’s no room for inside-jokes or complexities, which I found to be a really good tip to give early, since we joked about a lot. Teaching Ben some things about slam poetry, and even just creating another one really crystalized my knowledge of it. I’m basically a professional poet now.

Just kidding.

After discussing what slam was, we then had to come up with a theme, or topic. Coming to a consensus on an idea was bound to be the hardest part. I knew going in that slam poetry is most powerful when it is personal and relevant to you. Therefore, brainstorming topics that both Ben and I found personally moving was a struggle! We ended up coming up with two strong concepts that spoke to both of us. We started with one and wrote a bit… but then decided it was a little to dark. So we moved to the next! We wrote half of it so easily, but maybe that was a bad thing. Our ideas were all over the place and not too great. With not too much time to spare, we returned to our first idea. We lightened it just a bit and changed it. If you want to read our final product, click [here]

Performing our poem was my favourite part. I feel like our contrasting voices and attempts at layer them was really cool! We used our tones and expressive capabilities to our advantage and I’m really proud of that. We could have practiced more, and definitely been more decisive, but duet poetry is very challenging. I think we did good.

Sorry ZAP, but your brother, ZIP, is a little better. Just a little.


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