You to the Tube- In-Depth Post #1

Ah, Winter break. A time to relax, sleep aND STRESS OUT ABOUT WHAT TO DO FOR IN-DEPTH!! I had such a difficult time choosing a topic for my In-Depth study. I just couldn’t  make up my mind! I remember sitting on the couch with my Dad, brainstorming until he said, “why you make YouTube videos like Miranda Sings?” I thought this was funny… not just that Miranda Sings was the only YouTuber my Dad knew by name, but that he thought that I could actually be a YouTuber! My first reaction to his idea was: “I’d love to! But not gonna happen. I’m totally not myself when talking in front of a camera… and I’m way too good at rambling on and on.” but then he stopped me. “Isn’t that a good reason to do it then?”

Yes. It was a good reason! For my In-Depth study this year, I’m going to be creating my own YouTube channel and make videos that are interesting and entertaining. I want to make a whole variety of videos too; storytimes, challenges, makeup tutorials, and so much more!

My project is based around YouTube, but personally, it’s so much more than that. A storytime video will help me stop rambling, stick to the story and help me turn thoughts into words- something I find so hard to do especially around others or in front of cameras!  A challenge video with friends will help me laugh and let go in social situations- doing the chubby bunny challenge is one a way to build confidence! Makeup tutorials will also help me become more confident in my own skin.

Doing all these unique videos and sharing them with the world will certainly help me be myself, and give me so many personal skills and so much confidence! Now, the YouTube video creating consists of filming, editing and uploading, which I believe I can do. The strategies to help me become a more confident and calm person will come from my mentor, a teen councilor. I already have a councilor that I see every two or so weeks, so I’m hoping she’ll be able to help me out in terms of this project!

In the end, I hope to have  several YouTube videos uploaded, where I successfully don’t ramble or seem awkward in. I want to be able to watch them back and be proud of myself, rather than be embarrassed and  critical. I hope to come out of this project as a different person. This is certainly going to be an adventure!  Stay tuned for more!



2 thoughts on “You to the Tube- In-Depth Post #1

  1. Madison that is such a cool idea! (Who knows, you could be the next Joey Graceffa or Tyler Oakley 😉 Good luck and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!

  2. Great choice of projects. I agree with your dad. I am looking forward to watching them. Are you focusing on a specific theme? (e.g. How to become a confident public speaker?)

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