In-Depth Update- Week Five

This may be a little bit of a late update but hey! I did things!

Five weeks into this project and I have two YouTube videos posted! At the start of my project, I wrote out a bunch of ideas I had for videos. I had a specific order in which I wanted to film them in, but I’ve learnt that sometimes you just have to go with the flow! Some days I wanted to film, but didn’t want to talk for a long time, or some days the rain whether would ruin my “natural” video lighting. So here are the two videos I have!

  1. The first video I have is “TRYING DOLLAR STORE FOOD!” and I honestly didn’t want this to be my first video! For my first video, I really wanted to be able to introduce myself and let my audience get to know me. But sometimes, you go to the dollar store with your best friend, who also has a YouTube channel and make a video eating food! I knew I would probably overthink what I was going to say and procrastinate making the first video I intended on anyways, so I think jumping right in was a good approach. I really recommend doing it with someone else, because even though it did feel a million times more awkward, It was a good distraction to stop me from focusing on my flaws. If you want to watch my first video, CLICK HERE!
  2. The second video I made was really hard for me to film. it’s called “HOW I DO MY EVERY DAY MAKEUP!” My goal for this video was to show the WHOLE INTERNET my naked, makeup-less face. Whenever I take off my makeup each night, I always dodge looking in the mirror after. I’ll wear 12 hour makeup for twice as long as I should and feel anxious with a naked face even around my family. I had to make this video. Even though it felt almost impossible. I didn’t show my complete makeup-less face for very long, or put my voice in the background, to make this video as comfortable as possible for myself. I had a slight panic attack when uploading it- but I did and if you want to watch it CLICK HERE!

This project has been really challenging. Hearing my own voice and seeing my face and flaws so many times feels like 2 steps back for me. But I know that for every 2 steps back, it’s 3 steps forward. I have a lot more

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