Updates and Future Plans! In-Depth Post #6

What?? One month left? That’s crazy!

Thus far I’m pretty impressed with my project. I have six videos posted and two more in the editing process. My goal of two videos per month is just a little behind, but hey, I’m doing pretty good! As of now I have three more videos to film and edit, one of them being my final project that I’m going to be showcasing on In-Depth night.

Since my last post, I’ve posted two more videos on my channel. The first one is my “Pet Peeves” video. In this video I talked about weird things that annoy me. I tried to make this video super unique and funny, and I think I did alright on that! I’m not too happy with the lighting or quality of the content ano delivery, but it’s definitely a good building block of my project. If you want to watch my Pet Peeves video, click here.

My most recent video is one that I’m a lot more confident in. In this video I made itty bitty donuts using the “Yummy Nummies” kit. I mixed and microwaved my heart out, all for some tiny donuts. I may have spilt everything (spoiler alert) but I think it’s a pretty good video. If you want to watch me make tiny donuts, click here.

Now what you’ve all been waiting for since the beginning of this post. My final project that I’ll be presenting on May 30th. Yes, yes, I mentioned my final project was a video. How fitting? My goals for my final-showcase-spectacular-video is:

  • Show my progress in confidence and speaking ability
  • Go through a timeline of my videos and show my favourite moments
  • Show my strong moments and also my awkward and weak moments
  • Show what I’ve learnt through this progress. About myself and YouTube.

Essentially, my video will be a mashup of all my previous videos, with a little bit of explanation of my project as a whole, and what I got out of my first In-Depth. So stay tuned for that!!

So yeah! That’s about it for this post! I also have another video coming out in the next two days where I do the “17 Random Questions Tag” so don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to be one of the first to watch it!


Back Up and Running! In-Depth Post #5 and Update:

ANOTHER VIDEO?! WOAH!!! Yes, it’s true: I posted more videos! I did a super fun challenge called the “No Recipe Challenge” where I attempted to bake cookies without a recipe or measurements. It sort of… Interestingly. I really want to do this again with another food item and maybe with some other people! (Hit me up if you wanna try and make cupcakes without a recipe with yours truly!)  If you want to watch this somewhat funny fail of making cookies, CLICK HERE!

I also did my boyfriends makeup. I made him beautiful so if you want to see us you should totally CLICK HERE! I’m really getting back into the groove of filming videos so make sure all you guys are subscribed! Also, if anyone reading this wants to be in ANY of my videos make sure to let me know! Challenges, tags, games, etc. I’m down for anything :)


It’s been a while since I’ve seen my mentor, since she’s away traveling, but she’s stocked me with enough advice and resources to keep going on my YouTube adventure.

My mentor and I usually start off with talking about my feelings and experiences through the week. It’s  funny how there’s never really a ‘conversation starter’ or anything, the conversation just flows naturally. I think the conversation is the best part of my mentoring relationship because of how easy it is to talk to my mentor. There’s never awkward silence, and I guess it’s true that things aren’t awkward unless you think they are.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m slowly narrowing down the goals for my project, but I guess I could say I’m working on my social anxiety and social thinking. I’ve realized that my problem isn’t so much public speaking because usually I’m prepared for what I’m talking about in those cases. My project is working on my ability to talk without an idea or script. How to talk to others and just- be myself. My mentor is really helping me with this. She’s given me so many resources like books, websites and other people I could talk to. She’s also told me to challenge myself with videos to make myself more confident with my appearance and challenge myself to talk to new people! I’m ready for these challenges. I still find myself feeling awkward, but if I’ve learnt anything from my mentor, the sooner you stop overthinking and focusing on the “awkwardness” the sooner you’ll be able to use “confident” as a way to describe yourself.

Well, I’ll see you in my next post!

p.s. new videos will be up soon, so keep an eye out! CLICK HERE to visit my channel!