It Has Begun… In-Depth Post #2

So far, my in-depth in running pretty smoothly.

As mentioned in my previous post, I emailed Danielle Fowler who is an extremely accomplished makeup artist, in order to find a mentor. She unfortunately is too busy to be my mentor, but recentky got me in contact with Ashley Forshaw. Ashley is another artist who works with Danielle, and not only has she done makeup for movies like Star Trek, but she agreed to be my mentor! Oh, and she said she loved the photos of my makeup which I attached. Excuse me while I freak out on the inside!

Ashley also has a busy schedule, but she agreed to get her criminal record check done as soon as she can and meet me over coffee when she has a chance. Most of our interactions will be over FaceTime, but I think we can make it work as long as I get to meet with her at least a few times in real life. Oh, and how could I forget the best part- she agreed to bring me on the set that she’s currently working on to see some real life work! I won’t be able to do anything on the actors of course, but even just seeing the professionals work is going to teach me so much! I can’t wait.

Here’s how I have used the first three aspects of how to have a beautiful mind so far:

  1. How to agree: My mentor and I have both agreed that it is important for me to get real-life lessons and demos of special effects makeup implementation. For this reason, we both agreed that it would be difficult to work with each other strictly over the phone or FaceTime. We solved this problem by having her be my “main-mentor” and having some of her co-workers to help me with lessons as well if they have time.
  2. How to disagree: Due to us never meeting in real life, it’s hard to see any disagreements between us at this point. If I were to predict any disagreements in the future, I’d have to assume they would be in terms of meeting with each other since Ashley has such a busy schedule.
  3. How to differ: My mentor and I haven’t had any major differences  thus far, but if I were I to predict something in the future, I would assume that we would differ on things such as asthetics and technique. This of course is healthy, as everyone has differences in opinion and beauty to one may not be to another. Same goes for techniques- what works for one may not work for another. This is something I am excited to explore, as it will give me clarity on why others see things the way they do, and why techniques differ between people.

Thats all for now, blog. I’ll keep you posted (literally)


IN-DEPTH HYPE – Post One #InDepth2017

I can’t believe In-Depth 2017 is already here. It feels like Eminent was just yesterday! Nevertheless, I’m ready to get jump head first into this years In-Depth project.

My topic this at is special effects makeup, more specifically wounds and other realistic horror movie effects. Yes, it’s about to get GORY! As most people know, I live and breathe makeup. Glitter an glamour makeup is in my DNAS, but ‘ve never pursued anything quite like this before. Total opposite idea, equally as amazing and fun! Growing up, I remember watching horror movies with my family, and having my mom always tell me “it’s not real, its all makeup.” which of course caught my attention. Halloween was always my favourite day of the year, so I remember being blown away at the idea that people got PAID to do Halloween makeup every day! Now that I’m older, I can’t wait any longer. I have to get up close and personal with the art form which has always taken my breath away.

Latex, silicon and body paint are products that I’ve never gotten my hands on before and I am beyond excited to get acquainted with!  I want to learn abut products, techniques and what life is like as a special effects artist. Since I’ve always been self-taught when it comes to makeup, I’m excited to learn real techniques and tricks to a flawless application. I also am extremely curious about what products are used to create such realist and out-of-this-world looks. By the end of this five month process, I hope to have acquired hard skills as well as knowledge when it comes to special effects makeup. I’ll be documenting my progress an learning through YouTube videos as well as blog posts so keep your eyes open!

In terms of mentors,  I got in contact with Danielle Fowler through a family friend who works on a movie set. She is the department head of special effects makeup for the TV show SuperGirl! My family friend, Kurt, talked to her in real life and she said she would try and get me ON SET as well as find me a mentor, since she herself  is super busy at the moment. I emailed her last night to explain my project, and am anxiously awaiting her response. I actually cannot believe that  I might get the chance to see what really happens behind the scenes!

I’ll keep you all posted on the result of my email! Good luck to all on their In-Depth adventures!