OHMYGOODNESS: In-Depth Post #3


Okay, Okay, let me explain. Not only did I get to meet with my amazing mentor Ashley for the first time, am writing this blog post on a plane to Las Vegas, but just yesterday I received an email for a MODELING INTERVIEW! Yes- Numa Models contacted me for an interview at the end of the month to see if I could be a potential model. How crazy is that? Not only is this an amazing experience in general, but I may get to see a real set where professional makeup is used. If I were to be involved in modelling, I could talk to artists as well as see the relationship between the camera and the makeup. I am beyond excited. I will keep you all posted on how this interview goes for sure. Whether I become a model or not, this is a crazy opportunity.

Anyways, onto the next reason in which I love In-Depth right now (not that I don’t usually love it… it’s just a love-hate type thing!) On Monday I got the opportunity to meet my mentor for for the first time. We met for coffee at Starbucks and talked about a number of things. One of them being eyebrows? Strange. But at least we agreed on the fact that eyebrows should always be filled in using a darker colour and not one which is too light or matching the natural colour. I think I impressed her with my use of the term “spoolie” (a tool used for eyebrows). She complimented me eyebrows and the rest of my makeup right off the bat- I could tell we were going to be a great team.The first talked about In-Depth, and I gave her a better explanation of the project as well as showed her all of my posts and videos from my last in-depth. We then discussed was the criminal record check. She agreed to do it this week as soon as she has free time, and we would then meet up once I get back from Las Vegas.

Speaking of going to Vegas, I also spoke to my mentor about this. I mentioned the trip without too much in mind, but she reminded me of how much I could learn from this experience. Being someone who has worked in Vegas, as well as vacationed there several times, she told me about Fremont St. and how many talented makeup artists and celebrity impersonators there are all over the place. She told me I should talk to them and ask to take pictures in order to get my hands on as many tricks of the trade as possible. There’s also the chance of finding some real celebrities down there… Exciting!

We also talked about what makes me so interested in special effects makeup. I used a lot of stories, as recommended by how to have a beautiful mind, in order to be relatable and interesting. I told her how I remember my mom telling me “it’s all makeup, it’s not real.” and how that’s caught my interest ever since. I also explained how important and cool special effects makeup is in general. Not only does it pull a good movie together, but it’s art which someone can wear! That’s what Ashley said her favourite part of her job was. It’s the same as an artist hanging a painting up in a museum. She also mentioned that special effects is the only talent which improves another person’s talent. She explained how when an actress has fake blood dripping down their face- they hands down act better. I believe it!

At the end of the meeting, she gave me her phone number and told me that she would send me the name of the store which she gets all her product, as well as a list of what I should get my hands on first.

Anyways, I’ll keep you posted (ha hah) on the interview and the rest of my adventures!

Viva Las Vegas!

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