The War of 1812 & How it Shaped Canada

This article by the Toronto Star really dives into how such a small, forgotten war, still managed to shape Canada as a nation. As many people do not see a winner at the other end of the tunnel that is The War of 1812, this war did hammer people into a unified whole: Canadians. A collective group which fought together for their land and avoided getting swallowed up by Americans. Few in 1812, if any, were aware that they were defending what would become the second-biggest country in the world.  And surely none could predict that the roots they planted and protected would grow into the unique, free and beautiful Canada which we inhabite today.

It began in confusion, with the United States declaring hostilities unaware that one of its major war aims was already addressed. And it ended that way, too, with a last, pointless battle fought weeks after a peace treaty was signed. Civilians on both sides suffered, there were horrible massacres, and even more bungling by generals than is customary in warfare. And yet the War of 1812 had a powerful, invigorating influence on what would become Canada. Indeed, had the struggle been lost, this country likely wouldn’t exist.

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