Bloody Amazing!! #InDepthPost5

Oh man, this is too much fun. I almost feel as if my In-Depth is turning into two parts: Special Effects AND Modeling. I’m learning so much about the two industries, and they almost go perfectly hand-in-hand. How makeup comes across through a camera is everything in both of these industries. Under a flash, you can see all flaws and discolorations. Editing does come into play, but the less editing required the better.

Since my last post, I have not been able to meet with my mentor in person as she has been extremely busy. While I wait for our next encounter, so she told me to just experiment with effects on my own. She told me how to make my own fake skin with foundation, Vaseline and cotton. I used this to create some wounds (my best work shown in the included photos). Ashley said that she would take me to the store within the next week or so to get some latex and other professional products to use instead. I guess if I can make some realistic effects using DiY methods, who knows what I’ll be able to create using products intended for special effects.


Now, an update on the modeling situation. Over Spring break I was able to go downtown and have my first ever modeling interview with Numa Models, Vancouver. Eeeeep!! I cannot even explain how nervous I was! I have been to job interviews before, but I knew that this would be a completely different experience. After brief paperwork, I got to meet to amazing model and agency director Jade Tang. I was so starstruck, I’m not sure how I remained calm and didn’t pass out. She’s just as stunning in person! She took me into her office where she asked a few questions, and then she explained the steps I would need to complete if her and her team decided to work with me. She told me how I would have to take out my stretchers and piercings, keep my hair the same and- sigh, cut my nails and not wear polish. Yes- they bright pink claws will have to go. I may shed a few tears when I cut them! Jade also explained how the agency worked, the companies they’re associated with (Vogue, Gucci, Aritzia, etc.)  and what my modeling portfolio will have to look like. After the information portion was done- things got REAL awkward as she had to take all my measurements and physical information. Yikes!

The whole interview was about twenty minutes and went pretty smoothly, considering the huge girl crush I have on Jade Tang! About 24 hours after the interview I received an email from Jade saying that her team really wants to work with me and have me come in for a test shoot within the next month. YES THAT REALLY HAPPENED! As soon as I saw the word congratulations, I swear I blacked out in shock. So exciting!

I’ll keep you posted on my special effects endeavors and modeling introduction. WISH ME LUCK!


Une lettre à un ami

July 1854

My Dearest Lord Elgin,

Salut, mon ami. I have news to report to you, a celebration and declaration of success. Yes My Lord, I shall be the first French Canadian on whom this dignity has been conferred. I am equally the first, and in addition, the only French Canadian to have been made attorney general and chief justice in my native country. This is something which I shall wear proudly, and give to my fellow French-Canadians to wear as well.

Rest assured, My Lord, that I can appreciate the motives which have prompted you to act on this occasion as on many others, the desire to prove to my countrymen of French origin that political and social inferiority is no longer their lot, and that all doors will be open to their fellow citizens of other origins. We shall bring pride among our French-hearted Canadians. Politics will be based on opinion, not origin, from now on. Through all of this commotion, this ideal has kept it’s head above the water alongside us.

Yes, I have reached the point where some say I have confused political and social with national concerns… and with my own personal interests. However, this I disagree with this. I may have just received the title of barnet, but this will not confuse my intentions. This is a promise which I will keep close to my heart as I retire from a life of justice. Thank you for your understanding and support throughout my endeavors.

à la prochaine,

Sir Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine


REDRUM #InDepthPost4


Oh man, oh man. This is too much fun!

Not only is it fun to walk out of the bathroom and scare the life out of my mother, but special effects makeup in general is so much fun. Maybe it’s due to my fascination and love for makeup, but there’s nothing more fun then listening to good music and turning yourself into a work of art. Even if that art is worthy of a horror film.

This week I did not have the opportunity to meet my mentor in person, but we were able to FaceTime this week and talk game plan. Since getting my hands on all the right products has been quite the challenge, this week we chose to work on the basis of most gory looks: skin tones and bruising. Bruises and complexion looks can be created simply with eyeshadow, lipstick, and whatever you may have on hand. Easy peasy.  Ashley explained to me that wounds and blood catch the eye, but bruising and skin tones make it look real. She’s got a point! A dead person wouldn’t look quite dead without the right complexion, and a wound wouldn’t look quite right without irritated skin. Learning how to make realistic bruises creates a good base for forming scarring and wounds in the future. The photo’s attached are from the best look I created while practicing some bruising with nothing but eyeshadow and lipstick!


Now, an update on the modelling situation: I got WAIT-LISTED. But it’s not the end of the world. The February interview schedule was fully booked before I could bat an eye, but March is here and I couldn’t be happier. Numa also emailed me AGAIN telling me they wanted to make sure I got a spot in for March and that they would make sure this time works out. As much as having to anxiously wait SUCKS… I am so thrilled that that emailed me again and are still giving me this opportunity. I can’t wait!

Back to the mentoring side of things. This week was more hands on learning, therefore most of my questions to Ashley were product and technique based. We also were able to connect and share stories with each other. One story in particular which really stuck with me was about how Ashley used to create art using makeup on canvas. She said that this wasn’t just because she loved makeup, but because she said that she didn’t need paint to create art on a canvas. Just like I don’t need certain products to be able to create realistic effects. Not only were her stories relatable and interesting, but they were also encouraging and comforting.

For the next week, I am definitely going to work more on my bruising and skin tones, as well as continue shopping for products like latex and fake blood (one which doesn’t stain my skin!) This week I also am hoping that I can meet up with my mentor, and work on some effects with her at my side. I also need to address the criminal record check with her once again. As much as I hate having to bring it up with her all the time and feel like a pest, I don’t want to repeat last year where I never got it in!

That’s all for now blog, I’ll keep you posted (literaly!)



les amis qui ont fait le gouvernement responsable!


Je m’appelle Sir Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine. The year is currently 1848. I am currently 41 years old. J’habite à  Canada East.

I am noting the day, as today is one which I predict to go down in history. This glorious day marks seven years since the Act of Union has come into effect. Today also marks the ending of the Act of Union, as finally after seven years, London has recognized and accepted the use of French in the Province of Canada. Nous l’avons fait! Now that this decision has been made, the doors have finally been opened for myself and Robert Baldwin to take the lead as the first deocratic government of the Province of Canada. Not only are Baldwin and I a strong team, but this idea of a responsible government is strongly favored by Govener Charles Bagot who will be able to block policy in order for us as Executive Council to access Francophones.

Many still see Baldwin and I as an unlikely duo due to our origions, however, I demand that everyone cram the idea that political parties must be based off of opinion and not origin into their small minds.  I do not see one man of Lower Canada and one of Upper Canada as a challenge, but rather as a nessisary partnership. Without Baldwin at my side, there is no way that the Province of Canada would be able to counter London’s attempts to dictate our affairs. Besides, this partnership provides advantages to both of us, as long as we can assure that we both become members of the House of Assembly and Executive Council. I see this in my future, and have no doubt that we will be able to create independance for Canada- a united Canada.

As we march forward in the process of becoming united, I have come to the understanding that I must abandon the concept of a French state in America and play British politics to ensure the survival of French Canadians in British North America. However, this idea is only temporarily put aside, as nothing bring me more joy than the idea of a French-Canadian Province. It saddens me to ponder the idea of racial distinctions and how their roots in public administration and institutions keep us steps from social peace and freedom.

Anyways, to whomever may lay their eyes on this journal page, I am now rambling on and on. I shall go but still keep you posted.

à la prochaine,

Sir Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine