les amis qui ont fait le gouvernement responsable!


Je m’appelle Sir Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine. The year is currently 1848. I am currently 41 years old. J’habite à  Canada East.

I am noting the day, as today is one which I predict to go down in history. This glorious day marks seven years since the Act of Union has come into effect. Today also marks the ending of the Act of Union, as finally after seven years, London has recognized and accepted the use of French in the Province of Canada. Nous l’avons fait! Now that this decision has been made, the doors have finally been opened for myself and Robert Baldwin to take the lead as the first deocratic government of the Province of Canada. Not only are Baldwin and I a strong team, but this idea of a responsible government is strongly favored by Govener Charles Bagot who will be able to block policy in order for us as Executive Council to access Francophones.

Many still see Baldwin and I as an unlikely duo due to our origions, however, I demand that everyone cram the idea that political parties must be based off of opinion and not origin into their small minds.  I do not see one man of Lower Canada and one of Upper Canada as a challenge, but rather as a nessisary partnership. Without Baldwin at my side, there is no way that the Province of Canada would be able to counter London’s attempts to dictate our affairs. Besides, this partnership provides advantages to both of us, as long as we can assure that we both become members of the House of Assembly and Executive Council. I see this in my future, and have no doubt that we will be able to create independance for Canada- a united Canada.

As we march forward in the process of becoming united, I have come to the understanding that I must abandon the concept of a French state in America and play British politics to ensure the survival of French Canadians in British North America. However, this idea is only temporarily put aside, as nothing bring me more joy than the idea of a French-Canadian Province. It saddens me to ponder the idea of racial distinctions and how their roots in public administration and institutions keep us steps from social peace and freedom.

Anyways, to whomever may lay their eyes on this journal page, I am now rambling on and on. I shall go but still keep you posted.

à la prochaine,

Sir Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine

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