Une lettre à un ami

July 1854

My Dearest Lord Elgin,

Salut, mon ami. I have news to report to you, a celebration and declaration of success. Yes My Lord, I shall be the first French Canadian on whom this dignity has been conferred. I am equally the first, and in addition, the only French Canadian to have been made attorney general and chief justice in my native country. This is something which I shall wear proudly, and give to my fellow French-Canadians to wear as well.

Rest assured, My Lord, that I can appreciate the motives which have prompted you to act on this occasion as on many others, the desire to prove to my countrymen of French origin that political and social inferiority is no longer their lot, and that all doors will be open to their fellow citizens of other origins. We shall bring pride among our French-hearted Canadians. Politics will be based on opinion, not origin, from now on. Through all of this commotion, this ideal has kept it’s head above the water alongside us.

Yes, I have reached the point where some say I have confused political and social with national concerns… and with my own personal interests. However, this I disagree with this. I may have just received the title of barnet, but this will not confuse my intentions. This is a promise which I will keep close to my heart as I retire from a life of justice. Thank you for your understanding and support throughout my endeavors.

à la prochaine,

Sir Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine


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