Bloody Amazing!! #InDepthPost5

Oh man, this is too much fun. I almost feel as if my In-Depth is turning into two parts: Special Effects AND Modeling. I’m learning so much about the two industries, and they almost go perfectly hand-in-hand. How makeup comes across through a camera is everything in both of these industries. Under a flash, you can see all flaws and discolorations. Editing does come into play, but the less editing required the better.

Since my last post, I have not been able to meet with my mentor in person as she has been extremely busy. While I wait for our next encounter, so she told me to just experiment with effects on my own. She told me how to make my own fake skin with foundation, Vaseline and cotton. I used this to create some wounds (my best work shown in the included photos). Ashley said that she would take me to the store within the next week or so to get some latex and other professional products to use instead. I guess if I can make some realistic effects using DiY methods, who knows what I’ll be able to create using products intended for special effects.


Now, an update on the modeling situation. Over Spring break I was able to go downtown and have my first ever modeling interview with Numa Models, Vancouver. Eeeeep!! I cannot even explain how nervous I was! I have been to job interviews before, but I knew that this would be a completely different experience. After brief paperwork, I got to meet to amazing model and agency director Jade Tang. I was so starstruck, I’m not sure how I remained calm and didn’t pass out. She’s just as stunning in person! She took me into her office where she asked a few questions, and then she explained the steps I would need to complete if her and her team decided to work with me. She told me how I would have to take out my stretchers and piercings, keep my hair the same and- sigh, cut my nails and not wear polish. Yes- they bright pink claws will have to go. I may shed a few tears when I cut them! Jade also explained how the agency worked, the companies they’re associated with (Vogue, Gucci, Aritzia, etc.)  and what my modeling portfolio will have to look like. After the information portion was done- things got REAL awkward as she had to take all my measurements and physical information. Yikes!

The whole interview was about twenty minutes and went pretty smoothly, considering the huge girl crush I have on Jade Tang! About 24 hours after the interview I received an email from Jade saying that her team really wants to work with me and have me come in for a test shoot within the next month. YES THAT REALLY HAPPENED! As soon as I saw the word congratulations, I swear I blacked out in shock. So exciting!

I’ll keep you posted on my special effects endeavors and modeling introduction. WISH ME LUCK!


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