Culture + Genocide = Cultural Genocide

Before we jump to conclusions and say that cultural genocide is not real and does not deserve to be known as a form of genocide, we need to first answer the following questions:

  • What is culture?
  • What is genocide?
  • What is cultural genocide?
  • What is the difference between genocide and cultural genocide?
  • How is physical being different from spiritual being?

In order to understand an idea or a concept, we first have to break it down. This process of breaking down a question into more manageable ideals is something I typically establish before jumping to conclusions. That’s the goal. A full circle understand of cultural genocide and how it compares and contrasts against genocide. Answering the questions above is the highway to this end goal. Who are we to say that cultural genocide is not as valid as genocide, when we are not fully aware of what culture is?

Understanding cultural genocide is not just a task we should all complete in order to have a valid opinion on the topic genocide vs cultural genocide. It’s something that I know I am personally interested in, based on prior interests. Culture is a concept which I have never been able to pin-point a definition on. Even if someone to ask me of my culture, I would never be quite sure what to say. Being Caucasian, culture or cultural, are terms I have never associated myself with. For this reason, I have always wanted to look into what culture is, and what my life would be like if my culture was taken away from me. Even if I am currently unaware of my own culture, or what that even means to me. I have always been interested in why people have the opinions that they do, and I can conclude that people develop opinions based on knowledge. From my current level of knowledge, I can honestly say that cultural genocide is not as severe as genocide. This is due to a lack of understanding of culture, and of what culture means to me.


  • Understanding culture.
  • What is culture to me?
  • Understanding the similarities and differences between cultural genocide and genocide.


What is culture? I found that I am not the only one to struggles to come to a solid conclusion on what culture exactly is. The Introduction to Socialogy- First Canadian Edition textbook defines culture as “a culture represents the beliefs, practices and artifacts of a group, while society represents the social structures and organization of the people who share those beliefs and practices.” (1) This meaning that we typically refer to society and culture as the same thing, however they are slightly different. This blurring of definitions causes confusion, but society is defined as “A society describes a group of people who share a common territory and a culture. By “territory,” sociologists refer to a definable region.” (1) While culture and society may not exist without each other, we cannot confuse their meanings.

“a culture represents the beliefs, practices and artifacts of a group” -What does that mean? Culture, from an understanding developed from examples in the Introduction to Socialogy textbook, is everything that you are. The way in which you have learnt to present yourself, your family traditions, what you believe to be right and wrong, etc. There is no possible was in which someone can have no culture. If you celebrate certain holidays, wear a certain clothing and follow behaviours in which you see in your parents- you are a very cultured person.

But it’s possible to imagine a world in which our collective attitudes and institutions further everyone’s individual growth. Maybe, in such a world, the meaning of ‘culture’ would be more obvious; we wouldn’t have to look it up.”  —Joshua Rothman, The New Yorker

Genocide and Cultural Genicide

If culture is who you are, there is no possible way that cultural genocide can be less murder than the genocide which we all know of. If someone were to punish me for speaking English, take me from my family, eliminate my holidays and family transitions, banish my form of music, etc. What would my purpose of living be? To not be able to give my children everything which made me who I was- to not be able to be who I was? Killing someone and making someone wish they were dead are on equal ground. Why is physician assisted suicide an option? Why do people “put down” dogs? Sometimes suffering is not worth staying alive. Both genocide and cultural genocide are murder in my eyes. One may be physical and the other may be spiritual, but both horrible acts are done done to harmless people because of ethnocentrism and power (2).

Similarites between Genocide and Cultural Genocide:

  • Ethnocentrism
  • A deliberate atrack of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation
  • Killing- whether it be the physical or spiritual self
  • Removing one from their loved ones
  • Permanent damage to oneself

Differences between Genocide and Cultural Genocide:

  • Physical murder vs. Spiritual murder
  • Possiblity of a future


In conclusion, my opinion changed greatly and understand grew in terms of the genocide vs. cultural genocide argument. Which is more moral correct? Neither. Which is more valid? Neither. Once I was able to understand the different aspects of the question, and able to relate to the idea and concept of culture, I was able to fully compare and contrast genocide and cultural genocide.

While genocide may be physically murdering someone and taking the life and potential from someone, cultural genocide is simply killing someone in a different way. Torturing someone, robbing them of who they are and who they love, and leaving them as a shell of a human. Besides, the debate of which form of genocide if worse does nothing but justify the actions of Canada, which is not something we should be doing. We are comparing a broken leg and a severe concussion. Just because one can not be physically seen, doesn’t mean that it is okay that you gave someone a severe concussion. We  abbot cover this up as “At least we didn’t murder them.” Because in that case, at least the Nazi’s didn’t kill 12 million people instead of 6! Phew!

Cultural genocide is a valid title, and by definition makes sense. Cultural genocide IS genocide. Arguing this fact is not possible when sufficient knowledge and understanding is present. Arguing this fact is also- extremely pointless and counterproductive. Rather than trying to find the bright side, we need to put ourselves into the shoes of others and accept that cultural GENOCIDE occurred and it was the farthest thing from okay. We can use this opportunity to not only heal, but to learn about our own cultures, in order to be grateful and in order relate to those who have been misunderstood and silenced for far too long.


  1. Stoetzer, Oliver R., and Richard T. Schaefer. Students’ guide to accompany:Sociology an introduction, 1st canadian edition Richard T. Schaefer. Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1996. Print.
  2. Barger, Ken. 2008. “Ethnocentrism.” Indiana University, July 1, 2011 Retrieved February 8th, 2017 (


It Has Begun… In-Depth Post #2

So far, my in-depth in running pretty smoothly.

As mentioned in my previous post, I emailed Danielle Fowler who is an extremely accomplished makeup artist, in order to find a mentor. She unfortunately is too busy to be my mentor, but recentky got me in contact with Ashley Forshaw. Ashley is another artist who works with Danielle, and not only has she done makeup for movies like Star Trek, but she agreed to be my mentor! Oh, and she said she loved the photos of my makeup which I attached. Excuse me while I freak out on the inside!

Ashley also has a busy schedule, but she agreed to get her criminal record check done as soon as she can and meet me over coffee when she has a chance. Most of our interactions will be over FaceTime, but I think we can make it work as long as I get to meet with her at least a few times in real life. Oh, and how could I forget the best part- she agreed to bring me on the set that she’s currently working on to see some real life work! I won’t be able to do anything on the actors of course, but even just seeing the professionals work is going to teach me so much! I can’t wait.

Here’s how I have used the first three aspects of how to have a beautiful mind so far:

  1. How to agree: My mentor and I have both agreed that it is important for me to get real-life lessons and demos of special effects makeup implementation. For this reason, we both agreed that it would be difficult to work with each other strictly over the phone or FaceTime. We solved this problem by having her be my “main-mentor” and having some of her co-workers to help me with lessons as well if they have time.
  2. How to disagree: Due to us never meeting in real life, it’s hard to see any disagreements between us at this point. If I were to predict any disagreements in the future, I’d have to assume they would be in terms of meeting with each other since Ashley has such a busy schedule.
  3. How to differ: My mentor and I haven’t had any major differences  thus far, but if I were I to predict something in the future, I would assume that we would differ on things such as asthetics and technique. This of course is healthy, as everyone has differences in opinion and beauty to one may not be to another. Same goes for techniques- what works for one may not work for another. This is something I am excited to explore, as it will give me clarity on why others see things the way they do, and why techniques differ between people.

Thats all for now, blog. I’ll keep you posted (literally)


IN-DEPTH HYPE – Post One #InDepth2017

I can’t believe In-Depth 2017 is already here. It feels like Eminent was just yesterday! Nevertheless, I’m ready to get jump head first into this years In-Depth project.

My topic this at is special effects makeup, more specifically wounds and other realistic horror movie effects. Yes, it’s about to get GORY! As most people know, I live and breathe makeup. Glitter an glamour makeup is in my DNAS, but ‘ve never pursued anything quite like this before. Total opposite idea, equally as amazing and fun! Growing up, I remember watching horror movies with my family, and having my mom always tell me “it’s not real, its all makeup.” which of course caught my attention. Halloween was always my favourite day of the year, so I remember being blown away at the idea that people got PAID to do Halloween makeup every day! Now that I’m older, I can’t wait any longer. I have to get up close and personal with the art form which has always taken my breath away.

Latex, silicon and body paint are products that I’ve never gotten my hands on before and I am beyond excited to get acquainted with!  I want to learn abut products, techniques and what life is like as a special effects artist. Since I’ve always been self-taught when it comes to makeup, I’m excited to learn real techniques and tricks to a flawless application. I also am extremely curious about what products are used to create such realist and out-of-this-world looks. By the end of this five month process, I hope to have acquired hard skills as well as knowledge when it comes to special effects makeup. I’ll be documenting my progress an learning through YouTube videos as well as blog posts so keep your eyes open!

In terms of mentors,  I got in contact with Danielle Fowler through a family friend who works on a movie set. She is the department head of special effects makeup for the TV show SuperGirl! My family friend, Kurt, talked to her in real life and she said she would try and get me ON SET as well as find me a mentor, since she herself  is super busy at the moment. I emailed her last night to explain my project, and am anxiously awaiting her response. I actually cannot believe that  I might get the chance to see what really happens behind the scenes!

I’ll keep you all posted on the result of my email! Good luck to all on their In-Depth adventures!

Selfless. A Short Story.

As I waited anxiously at the side of the stadium I began thinking back to this morning. Waking up to a stream of hot sunlight across my bare chest and the thick and smokey smell of maple and bacon. My flannel pajamas were bunched up around my knees and my eyes struggled to open through the plastered sleep which rested between my lashes like Elmer’s glue. I rubbed my eyes with sleepy fingertips as I entered the toasty kitchen. She stood over the stovetop like a wilted yet beautiful daisy. Pale and overworked like a skinny horse, but her exposed bone only seemed to make her look like a breathtaking marble sculpture. Every feature chiseled and sharp, yet her face remained so soft. I admired her from a distance as she softly buttered my two pieces of toast. That beautiful, selfless woman was the one I was going to ask to be my wife today. In front of millions.

I had just left our seats to “use the restroom” as I told her. She of course nodded and said nothing further- preserving her daffodil voice. I dreamed of how soft her voice would sound, singing me a soft “yes” when I kneel down in the middle of the baseball field. I scanned the stands, thick with people of every kind, until I finally caught sight of her flaming and tangled red mane. She sat in such an innocent and frightened way, like a rose afraid of it’s own beauty. My empty plastic seat to her right didn’t seem to provide her any security, but I do believe constant fear is a poetic characteristic of hers. She pulled her beaten cell phone out of her pocket, and I watched as her hair tumbled around her face as she bent over to look at the screen. I shook my head as a smirk pulled on my lips. I totally knew she didn’t want to come to a baseball game- but she would never say no to me. We’re in love, and that’s what people in love do. She’d do anything for me. She does everything for me. And she’ll do it for our kids and pets and everything in between.

“You ready?” A deep and buttery voice cut through my thoughts. I turned around to see a tall, bald man in all black. He had an nude earpiece and a beaten brown clipboard. “Yeah.” I replied, smiling at the square bulge in my dark jean pocket. He pressed his earpiece further into his ear and gazed to the floor. His focused look quickly dissipated as he looked back at me smiling. “Stage’s all yours.”
He slapped a black, heavy microphone into my nervous hand. I wrapped the microphone into my sweaty palm and stared deeply into the flashing green light above my index finger. The man then placed his large palm on my shoulder, forcing me to walk forwards by his side. As we came to the edge of the field, I took a large and trembling breath into my lungs. The gentle giants then removed him hand from my back and used it to flash me a reassuring thumbs up, before disappearing behind me.

I locked my eyes on her once again. Without even searching the crowd this time, my eyes were immediately drawn to her waterfall of red locks- still on her phone. I began walking onto the vibrant carpet of grass. I could hear the announcer saying something about me- but my nerves smudged all the noises together and only allowed me to just keep walking across the field. Focusing on the feeling of plant beneath my feet. In the blur of noises and colours, I saw her look around sharply and quickly tuck her phone into her coat pocket. The people around her began yelling and pointing- signalling her to come down, but she seemed frozen. Her blue eyes locked on me, center field. No expression. She rose from her seat as the thick wave of noises became more intense. Her face stayed hard and stone, her eyes wide and fearful. The world around me seemed to have stopped as I watched her be let onto the massive pitch by a small man in a blue shirt. She fiddled her boney fingers in front of thin frame as she walked towards me. I too could feel the nerves crawling up my neck, but all I could do was watch her and let my lips curl into a tight smile.

She finally came within a meter of me and stopped. She raised her head up from the ground, allowing our eyes to meet. She looked like a starved deer in headlights, fingers trembling and boney knees wobbling. She frantically absorbed her surrounding with sponge eyes and tucked her long ginger hair behind her ear with an anxious hand. I slowly dropped down onto one knee, shaking the whole way down as if her anxiety was transferred to me through the thin air. Her face fell flat, eyes locked onto me. Still shaking like a cold dog, I tried warming her with a comforting smile, but she remained frozen in place.

I brought the microphone close to my lips, bumping the cold metal to my chin by accident. As I looked around at the cheering crowds, I spoke in a suddenly confident voice, even though my mind had deleted the script that I had been writing in my mind for the past three months. “You’re the most selfless, caring women I’ve ever met.” I blurted this out so suddenly my chest began to stiffen- spit it out. “Will you marry me?” I asked, removing the small leather box from my pocket and opening it towards her.
My heart sunk into my stomach and my eyes met with hers again. I totally screwed that up. Her lips remained sunk, her eyes no longer wide, her expression cold like a marble statue. I frantically looked at the anticipation around the stands. My hands began shaking, nearly dropping the diamond ring onto the pitch.
She began shaking her head with blurry wet eyes.
“I can’t marry you..” her soft daffodil voice sang.
I froze.
She covered her face briefly with her hands before turning and running to the edge of the stadium. Never looking back.
The stands roared with screams, boo’s and other words that didn’t matter. I-I got rejected. In front of millions, the most selfless women in the whole world turned me down. I closed the leather box and got up on my feet. The bald man ran back up to me, put his massive palm back on my shoulder and quickly began walking me off the field. “I’m sorry.” he said in his deep voice, which was now cracked with emotion and cloudy with concern.
“It’s fine.” I replied sharply, handing him the now sweaty microphone.
“She was a wilted flower anyways.”

Updates and Future Plans! In-Depth Post #6

What?? One month left? That’s crazy!

Thus far I’m pretty impressed with my project. I have six videos posted and two more in the editing process. My goal of two videos per month is just a little behind, but hey, I’m doing pretty good! As of now I have three more videos to film and edit, one of them being my final project that I’m going to be showcasing on In-Depth night.

Since my last post, I’ve posted two more videos on my channel. The first one is my “Pet Peeves” video. In this video I talked about weird things that annoy me. I tried to make this video super unique and funny, and I think I did alright on that! I’m not too happy with the lighting or quality of the content ano delivery, but it’s definitely a good building block of my project. If you want to watch my Pet Peeves video, click here.

My most recent video is one that I’m a lot more confident in. In this video I made itty bitty donuts using the “Yummy Nummies” kit. I mixed and microwaved my heart out, all for some tiny donuts. I may have spilt everything (spoiler alert) but I think it’s a pretty good video. If you want to watch me make tiny donuts, click here.

Now what you’ve all been waiting for since the beginning of this post. My final project that I’ll be presenting on May 30th. Yes, yes, I mentioned my final project was a video. How fitting? My goals for my final-showcase-spectacular-video is:

  • Show my progress in confidence and speaking ability
  • Go through a timeline of my videos and show my favourite moments
  • Show my strong moments and also my awkward and weak moments
  • Show what I’ve learnt through this progress. About myself and YouTube.

Essentially, my video will be a mashup of all my previous videos, with a little bit of explanation of my project as a whole, and what I got out of my first In-Depth. So stay tuned for that!!

So yeah! That’s about it for this post! I also have another video coming out in the next two days where I do the “17 Random Questions Tag” so don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to be one of the first to watch it!


Back Up and Running! In-Depth Post #5 and Update:

ANOTHER VIDEO?! WOAH!!! Yes, it’s true: I posted more videos! I did a super fun challenge called the “No Recipe Challenge” where I attempted to bake cookies without a recipe or measurements. It sort of… Interestingly. I really want to do this again with another food item and maybe with some other people! (Hit me up if you wanna try and make cupcakes without a recipe with yours truly!)  If you want to watch this somewhat funny fail of making cookies, CLICK HERE!

I also did my boyfriends makeup. I made him beautiful so if you want to see us you should totally CLICK HERE! I’m really getting back into the groove of filming videos so make sure all you guys are subscribed! Also, if anyone reading this wants to be in ANY of my videos make sure to let me know! Challenges, tags, games, etc. I’m down for anything :)


It’s been a while since I’ve seen my mentor, since she’s away traveling, but she’s stocked me with enough advice and resources to keep going on my YouTube adventure.

My mentor and I usually start off with talking about my feelings and experiences through the week. It’s  funny how there’s never really a ‘conversation starter’ or anything, the conversation just flows naturally. I think the conversation is the best part of my mentoring relationship because of how easy it is to talk to my mentor. There’s never awkward silence, and I guess it’s true that things aren’t awkward unless you think they are.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m slowly narrowing down the goals for my project, but I guess I could say I’m working on my social anxiety and social thinking. I’ve realized that my problem isn’t so much public speaking because usually I’m prepared for what I’m talking about in those cases. My project is working on my ability to talk without an idea or script. How to talk to others and just- be myself. My mentor is really helping me with this. She’s given me so many resources like books, websites and other people I could talk to. She’s also told me to challenge myself with videos to make myself more confident with my appearance and challenge myself to talk to new people! I’m ready for these challenges. I still find myself feeling awkward, but if I’ve learnt anything from my mentor, the sooner you stop overthinking and focusing on the “awkwardness” the sooner you’ll be able to use “confident” as a way to describe yourself.

Well, I’ll see you in my next post!

p.s. new videos will be up soon, so keep an eye out! CLICK HERE to visit my channel!

Hits and Misses: In-Depth Post #4

Ah, week 8. Yes, yes, I know that this is being posted at nearly week 12, but maybe that’s a good representation of the last few weeks! Yes. I hit a little bit of a stand-still!

My orignial goal was to post a video per week, but by week 8 I still only had 2 videos. I’ve filmed about three videos since my “HOW I DO MY EVERYDAY MAKEUP!” video, but none of them got to see the light of day. They all felt really forced and I wasn’t confident in any aspect of them. Ive realized that if I have a good video idea, or good hair day then I feel a lot better because I have something positive to focus on. A lack of confidence in video ideas and appearance has really put my In-Depth on the back burner.

Spring Break was orignially a time where I was going to film a lot of videos, but really has turned into a much needed break and time to regroup! I have had a lot of time to think of video ideas and organize my thoughts. I have lots of ideas and maybe not enough time and motivation! I think now I have enough inspiration and space (new iPad for filming! Yay!) to start meeting my goal of one video or more a week!


Now my mentor has been on vacation for about two weeks, so I’ll try to answer the following questions to the best of my ability:

1. What has been my most difficult mentoring challenge so far?  Why?

I think the hardest part lately has been seeing my mentor. She’s been traveling a lot, making our one hour sessions pretty crazy! By the time I talk about my experiences from the time we’ve spent apart, times up! I think I could definitely work on making the most of my time with her and organizing prior.

2. What is working well? Why?

I think that having an open mind is making my mentoring sessions more valuable. Some of her strategies and ways to make myself more comfortable in my own skin are strange at first, but have really opened my eyes. Nobody is going to automatically cure you of your insecurities. They can give you strategies, but you’re the one in the drivers seat. I’ve really been trying to let myself go and try new things and I think it’s making things with my mentor go a lot smoother.

3. What could be working better?  How can you make sure this happens?

Like I mentioned earlier, I could definitely work on my planning and organizing. I really want to straighten out exactly WHAT I want out of my mentoring sessions. Maybe the fact that I don’t know is something worth talking about. My whole In-Depth project thus far has been slowly refining my goals for this project. I’m definitely growing as a person and learning a lot more about myself, but I want to sharpen my vision.

The Journey Continues.. In-Depth Post #3

It’s crazy how much we have going on! Even In-Depth has remained present, as I’ve been with my mentor almost every week. As I said in my 2nd In-Depth post, my mentor and I aren’t as focused on the whole YouTube aspect. The videos are more of an outlet, where I can measure my growth. It’s hard to notice any improvement this far, but five months is a long time!

When talking about my videos to my mentor, I told her how I was hoping to appear more confident in each video. She then told me “Are you looking to seem confident to others, or are you looking to stop caring what others think?” I thought I should share this because it really stuck with me. Yes, if everyone thought I was confident and amazing, I would slowly become more comfortable in my own skin over time- but wouldn’t it be much easier to just focused on my own happiness and thoughts? Pleasing myself is crazy hard, but it would be a lot faster to please one person, rather than 7 billion. Every day, my focuses get more and more clear. Being a people-pleasing-perfectionist isn’t the easiest!

Anyways, here is my answer to a few questions and some of my goals:

In terms of Mentorship, a few of the problems I encountered were the following-

  • Because I’m going to a councilor who I am paying, I usually go with her flow and follow her lead. Sometimes this causes me to not talk about my In-Depth project specifics, or things I was looking forward to discussing. Usually I forget all my ideas or assume she’ll cover it later on.
  • I’ve also been struggling to get on a regular schedule of seeing her. She’s super busy, and I’ve been relying a lot on cancelations.

Since my Mentor is a professional at communicating and listening, I could definitely try harder to keep up my side of the deal. As I said before, we talk about a lot of personal things, and a lot of my past experiences that I’ve never opened up about before. I constantly find myself being defensive and letting my emotions takeover. So being more trusting and open minded  is definitely a way that I could improve the quality of my mentoring interactions.

I could also write down thoughts, ideas or feelings in the time that I spend without seeing my mentor. This way I won’t forget or leave out important topics or feelings. Not that we ever run out of conversation items or activities, but I think it will also give me a clearer idea of what it is exactly I stress about. I also think I should write things down during my time with my mentor. Even if it’s just quotes, or feelings. This way I could remind myself of her ideals, and that I have support from someone who understands.

So in a nut shell, my goals are:

  • Be more open and trusting, don’t just shut her out when touchy subjects come up!
  • Make sure all my ideas and questions are addressed and not passed or forgotten.
  • Keep hanging in, and remember everything she told me, even if I do go a while without talking to her.

My strategies to accomplish these goals for my next meeting are:

  • Mentally prepare for each session- do something relaxing, make sure not to being my stress with me, remind myself why I am there.
  • Write down/keep a personal journal.
  • Take notes, and definitely ask about what I should do if I am not able to see her for a while.

So yeah! I guess that concludes my third post! I also recently posted a “Week Five” update post about my newest YouTube videos and if you want to check it out, click here! If you want to head straight to the action, click here to go straight to my YouTube channel!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe!

The Story of ZIP

For my ZIP project, I did Slam Poetry. I had already done all of the researching on slam poetry during my ZAP project, so I knew I had to find a unique way to challenge myself. So why do a duet poem with someone I don’t know very well? Perfect.

I did my duet poem with Ben, who I had never worked with anything before. Us doing a slam poem together totally started as a joke- but I’m so glad that we actually took it on. There was a lot of work and stress involved with this project, but we laughed our way through it and had so much fun.  I think our differences, all the way down to our voices, made us stronger in the end. We had a lot of challenges, and that just makes me even more proud of our end product.

This was my second slam poem and Ben’s first. I found myself constantly pulling out my inner teacher and showing him all the little things I learnt throughout ZAP. I showed him YouTube video clips and gave countless tips. There isn’t to much of a technical art to slam poetry, but there are some things that are good to know, depending on what you want to get across. Its ALL about what the audience gets from it. There’s no room for inside-jokes or complexities, which I found to be a really good tip to give early, since we joked about a lot. Teaching Ben some things about slam poetry, and even just creating another one really crystalized my knowledge of it. I’m basically a professional poet now.

Just kidding.

After discussing what slam was, we then had to come up with a theme, or topic. Coming to a consensus on an idea was bound to be the hardest part. I knew going in that slam poetry is most powerful when it is personal and relevant to you. Therefore, brainstorming topics that both Ben and I found personally moving was a struggle! We ended up coming up with two strong concepts that spoke to both of us. We started with one and wrote a bit… but then decided it was a little to dark. So we moved to the next! We wrote half of it so easily, but maybe that was a bad thing. Our ideas were all over the place and not too great. With not too much time to spare, we returned to our first idea. We lightened it just a bit and changed it. If you want to read our final product, click [here]

Performing our poem was my favourite part. I feel like our contrasting voices and attempts at layer them was really cool! We used our tones and expressive capabilities to our advantage and I’m really proud of that. We could have practiced more, and definitely been more decisive, but duet poetry is very challenging. I think we did good.

Sorry ZAP, but your brother, ZIP, is a little better. Just a little.